Childrens Coaching

Coaching is a low-threshold and goal-oriented form of providing assistance, where the discovery of one's own strengths and increasing self-confidence are the main goals.

Children and young people are welcome to come and discover their own strengths and talents, to practice social skills and to learn to make choices.

I work in the basic from a counseling-oriented and therapeutic basic attitude. Play elements and creativity such as drawing, paints and clays - can help children to tell their story when this is difficult or impossible with words.

Different interventions from positive psychology support the entire coaching process because the focus is on creating positive experiences and building on the powers of the child. Free expression such as singing, dancing and drama can be encouraged as a processing, but also as a strength and talent experience if this suits your child. Finally, 'kids' skills' are used when your child wants to use the environment to support him / her in the quest for a skill to be mastered.

In every coaching trajectory I have an eye and ear for possible deeper trauma or possible psychopathology. If the need for more intensive assistance appears, this will be discussed with you as parents / guardians.

Youth Counseling

Does your teenager need a listening ear? Does your child have no idea how the current situation came about, as it is?

From the counseling there is unbiased, real listening.
Your child will be able to look for space within himself, to create places where forgiveness and processing are concerned. And to discover possibilities where these previously did not seem to exist. This person-to-person conversation therapy is suitable for problems where ambiguity and confusion or grief predominate.

Parenting support

Do you have questions about the upbringing and development of your child? Are you worried about something, but you don't know whether it is '' right ''? Do you see, through all the parenting books and all the best advice from your environment, 'through the trees the forest no longer?' Or are you simply with your hands in your hair ...?

From a natural vision of upbringing and development, I am happy to guide you to deal with daily upbringing situations based on love and sensitivity. By creating and evaluating a parenting plan together, you, as educators, will regain your strength, so that you and your child - or children - can continue to develop positively.


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