Pedagogical coach

Are you interested in letting pedagogical sensitivity and responsiveness be the basis of your actions? Do you feel the need as a pedagogical employee or teacher to want to work more on the relationship and attachment with the child (ren)? Do you want to be offered alternatives for the 'necessary' conditioning of desired behavior?

In pedagogical coaching, we reflect on your professional and / or personal pedagogical vision and the resulting pedagogical actions. We discuss the effects of the action and you learn to make conscious choices in different situations.
My approach is non-judgmental, respectful, constructive, reinforcing and is based on the strengths and talents of you as professional educators; with knowledge of cultural differences in education and with respect for these differences.

By clarifying and distinguishing various pedagogical movements and the pedagogical goals behind these movements you can consciously opt for a certain pedagogical approach in different situations. The guidance focuses in particular on sharing the vision and approach from sensitive upbringing.

I am also happy to assist you in writing the pedagogical workpan of your starting daycare center;

or assisting with the implementation and rewriting of the pedagogical vision of your organization.


Borgerstraat 102
1053 PW Amsterdam

Telephone: 06-15044318

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