Play Therapie

Play therapy is a form of therapy that has been specially developed for the treatment of children between 2 ½ - 3 to 12 years old, who (due to major events and / or a problematic personality development (are at risk) stagnate in their development. Through play, the child can express himself and - in relation to the therapist - can feel better and develop further.

Therapeutic homework guidance

Is your child not feeling well? Why is the motivation for school and doing school work low? Perhaps you notice that positive social behavior and / or communication is a difficult task? Is there bullying or being bullied? Does your child have low energy? Perhaps even depression (which means) there might also be a (game) addiction or drug / alcohol abuse?

At the end of the supervision, your child has learned new skills, set goals for the future and feels happy again. The aim is that your child can create time and space for school work; satisfies and returns to school (with pleasure) based on their own strength and motivation.

In every coaching trajectory I have an eye and ear for possible deeper trauma or possible psychopathology. If the need for more intensive assistance appears, this will be discussed with you as parents / guardians.


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