Educational support

Does your child have trouble keeping up in school? Do you and / or the school feel that your child can do more than he / she shows? As an educational assistant I help your child to take responsibility for their own learning process by deploying a child plan; using the kids' skills method; structure the day by visualizing the schedule - and by clarifying goals of the courses or individual lessons.
But also with fear of failure; concentration and focus, memory training; motivation: positive attitude towards growth mindsett and gritt perseverance.

In terms of content, I offer where necessary and desirable RT in technical reading, spelling, reading comprehension and (news) calculation.

For young children who have to deal with socio-emotional problems and / or a language development disorder, I offer enrichment and deepening of the educational offer through game supervision. For example, focused on basic safety, social skills and structure; to expand the vocabulary.

For this I work together with the IB person and / or teacher of the school. And with you as parents / guardians. Guidance is possible at your child's school or after school in my practice.


Borgerstraat 102
1053 PW Amsterdam

Telephone: 06-15044318

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