Therapeutic homework support

Is your child not feeling well? Why is the motivation for school and doing school work low? Perhaps you notice that positive social behavior and / or communication is a difficult task? Is there bullying or being bullied? Does your child have low energy? Perhaps even depression (which means) there might also be a (game) addiction or drug / alcohol abuse?

In therapeutic homework counseling, your child is given the space to work on more than just grinding in and using a step-by-step plan for calculating. In therapeutic homework counseling we work on the issues: "" How can I feel happy again? "" Or: "" What direction do I want to go in my life? How can I focus and concentrate again? "

By using the basic therapeutic attitude and the use of the counseling method as the most important discussion technique, a relationship of mutual trust is built up in a non-judgmental climate and on the basis of equality and unconditional acceptance.
Different therapeutic interventions can be deployed to bring underlying problems to the surface, whereby old processing can also occur.
By using the kids' skills method combined with starting points and interventions from positive psychology, you work methodically on goals set by your child. By actively deploying help or support from the environment; For example, friends, parents and / or teachers at school, new skills can be successfully taught. Coaching will also take place during this phase.

Right to exist, self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence, place in the family - society and the world, communication and social skills, sexuality, peer pressure, cultural taboos, taking responsibility for choices, bullying situations; no subject is avoided. Your child can be the way he is and discuss what he wants.

The aim is for your child to set goals for the future at the end of the supervision; your child returns to school with pleasure and motivation (with pleasure); can create time and space for school work; satisfies and feels happy in life.

In every coaching trajectory I have an eye and ear for possible deeper trauma or possible psychopathology. If the need for more intensive assistance appears, this will be discussed with you as parents / guardians.


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